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The Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to provide opportunities for continuing growth in the Christian faith through worship, prayer and action. It is about invitation, encouragement, commitment and fellowship.

Motto: ‘Whose we are and whom we serve’ is taken from Acts 27 v.23 and reflects the dedication of members in carrying out the above aims.

The Guild

Who Is The Group For?

The Guild is open to anyone, women or men, who accepts the Guild's aim: that the Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enables them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action.

When & Where

The Guild meets every second Wednesday at 2pm in the Church Hall from September - March.

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The Church of Scotland Women's Guild was set up in 1887. In 1997 it was changed to ‘The Guild’. There are over 20,000 members, men and women, in Scotland with many affiliated groups overseas.

St. Nicholas Guild was formed in 1912 as this extract from Guild records shows.

This Guild was instituted in the year 1912 by the Rev. Marcus Dickson, minister of the Parish. Miss Janet Smith of Milnwood was the first President and until her death in 1935, held that office in the Guild. Miss Dickson, sister of the minister, was Vice President. Miss Grace Inglis was secretary and treasurer.

Commitment & Action

The Guild in Scotland runs a Projects Partnership Scheme. Every three years they commit to support six charities and Guild members donate to these projects by fundraising. The 2015-2018 projects came to an end in April and The Guild as a whole in those three years, donated more than £600,000 to the Charities.

The new Projects for 2018-2021 are:

  • Malawi Fruits: This project helps young people in the North of the country to farm cash crops and provides solar powered pumps to improve irrigation.
  • The Boys Brigade: This project is hoping to provide intergenerational activities alongside the Guild such as developing IT skills.
  • Journeying together: This is a joint venture with the World Mission Council helping teenage mothers in Zambia living in poverty. It offers help to return to school and complete their education which will give them more career opportunities.
  • Seema's Project: This project supports street children in Pune, India who are vulnerable to being trafficked. They have already built a home for 32 children which will be extended with the help of this initiative.
  • Sailor's Society: This organisation is aspiring to place a chaplain in every port in Scotland to help support merchant seamen.
  • Join up the Dots: This is a new partnership between CrossReach and the Guild which will tackle loneliness and isolation and encourage each of their services from care homes to youth projects to support mental wellbeing.

We in St Nicholas Guild, choose two projects each year of the cycle to support so at the end of the three year cycle, we have donated to all of them.


We meet every fortnight from September - March in the Church Hall at 2pm and as well as Tea/Coffee and a chat, we invite interesting speakers along to most of the meetings. We are very grateful for the continued support of our minister, Rev. Louise Mackay who attends most meetings.

We also have a Christmas Lunch outing and an end of session lunch in May each year.

Last session we had visits from The Fire Service, The Police, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Lanark Lifestyles to name but a few. All provided interesting and informative listening.

We inform the congregation of these meeting in Pews News every week and invite anyone along who might find the content enjoyable. Next year's syllabus is almost complete and we have some interesting speakrs lined up.

As you can see, we are not just a group of old ladies meeting for tea and a blether! An open invitation is extended to everyone to join us in fellowship.


Convenor: Betty Hamilton

The Guild can be contact through St. Nicholas Church Office on 01555 666220